[RFC 001] Message variables

Hey everyone,

This is the first of many of these RFCs (Requests for Comments) from you (the users)!

With the Beta beginning soon we want to ensure that, among making new features available, that we also at least parity the features of any bot you may be using currently. Since commands are a huge basis of chat bots, we’re making sure all of our variables are up-to-speed.

A list of our existing variables can be seen from the commands page.

Once our HTTP-request-handler is finished (after the beta launch) we’ll also be making a fetch-page variable available, as well as follower and subscriber related variables.

If you have any requests for a chat variable that does not already exist, or have questions about existing variables please let us know!


The only two i’m missing that i use quite often in the setups is;

  • {hosts} - shows the number of hosts the channel have.
  • {co-stream} - Lists the users the channel is in a co-stream with.

Fantastic ideas, I’ll definitely work on adding these!

From this I’ll probably also be adding {hosting} for when the channel is offline, as well as {live} for testing if the stream is live or not.