Mix Play / Twitch Extention Future Request

When the time comes for looking into Mixers Mix Play and Twitch Extentions i’d like to request a feature in that regards.

I’d like to see the abillity to automaticly show / hide Interaction buttons depending on the game played. So one might have a set of buttons shown at all times, and one set of buttons shown when playing Forza, and a different set shown when playing…. say Apex, and so on.

I see a need for this functionallity as alot if interactions is targeted to the game one playes. I use a cucombersome work around of this today, and would love an easier way.

This is absolutely something that we want to do. We’ve got a lot of channel automation planned, including mixplay. One of the things we want to do in the future is incorporate the bot minigames that we have into mixplay options, where viewers can interact with bets, raffles, etc without having to type anything / spam additional chat messages.

Having multiple mixplay options for the various games should be an easy implementation.

Thank you for your suggestion.