Cloud Filesharing

If not already implantet or thought of, i’d like to request a function to use cloud filesharing services. This will enable one to use file based functionallity as Counters, countdowns and alike in OBS, X-Spilt and such, As the bot can react to commands, and put the response in a file, which in retunr can be read and used by a streaming software over the cloud.

Catch me in Discord @Nicomedes if mre info is needed.

Kind Regards
Kjell-Arne Aka @Nicomedes

Something like this (or similar to this) is definitely planned in a different number of mediums.

First of which is our API. Thanks to being a cloud based service we can easily expose things such as counters, loyalty points, and other tidbits in our API.

The second and third are kind of similar but not quite. Second is the planned OBS / XSplit plugin that will synchronize statistics from our API to local files automatically.

The third is the downloadable UI that we plan on releasing in the future. This will also perform like the OBS/XSplit plugin and will synchronize files automatically for use.