Access to API or API documentation


I’m working on a web app for my community, and would like to read up on, or take a look at what resources are availeble through out the API. I know it’s been said the API is hidden until release, but would like to ask if there could be given out access, if not more than read only, so one could start making plans within ones own apps and such?

Hey Nicomedes,

The API is hidden until release mainly for two reasons: Firstly, we don’t want users to be hammering endpoints with requests, and we also don’t want users attempting to access unfinished endpoints.

Some endpoints remain unfinished until a later date, because if we didn’t yet need them for our own use, then they haven’t been added yet. Our own dashboard uses our API (though with different authentication method), which we’ve added to as needed.

Most of the existing endpoint exist to give functionality to the dashboard, such as creating commands. That being an endpoint that requires authentication and would be unavailable to you currently.

Once the dashboard is completed within the coming days, we will then be focusing on fixing any bugs that users come along, as well as adding new endpoints at users request. As long as you have a reasonable need of our endpoint, and it isn’t already implemented, we’ll do our best to make it available to you.

Currently you can also request if users exist within our database, such as by doing one of the following requests

You’ll see something like the following (in JSON)

  "owner" : null,
  "platform" : {
    "_id" : 477623,
    "name" : "Nicomedes",
    "id" : 73669372,
    "type" : "user",
    "site" : "twitch"

For your account, “owner” is “null” because the account isn’t linked to a NucleusBot account. “platform” will contain the name and ID used for the associated account. “_id” is the internal ID that we associate with every account, user, and channel within our system.